Chemo Day 25: Westchester Region of Hadassah “Hand of Healing Luncheon”

Attending the Westchester Region of Hadassah “Hand of Healing” Luncheon was touching, with a wonderful surprise.

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I’m Living Strong.

When my oncologist, Dr. Isadore Tepler, told me that my Oncotype test indicated that I scored a 21, my heart sunk… The good news was that the Taxotere-Cytoxen combination meant very few side effects. In fact, there was only one guaranteed side effect: Absolute hair loss. Complete baldness. I’d be a hairless, 2-legged, tail-less cat.

I took things into my own hands this weekend at the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin, TX. Breast cancer may have taken my breasts, but it’s not taking my hair.

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Chemo Day 20: Fatigue & Morning of Gilad Shalit’s Release

Is it the wrangling of the little uns? Having run in the 5k? The pitiful attempt at riding Sunday? Or the chemo? Who knows, but I am BEAT.

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Chemo Day 19: Wrapped up with a pretty bow

Wrapping up the LIVESTRONG Challenge Weekend…
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Chemo Day 16: The Eagle Has Landed

Yes, we have arrived in Austin, TX. Today will be our first full day, starting with a bike ride with Mellow Johnny’s ending with a private party for Ride for the Roses Fundraisers for the Lance Armstrong Foundation at a “super secret location.” More later…

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